Nepali Deusi Bhailo at the event of the Governor of Pennsylvania

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The Governor of the state of Pennsylvania, USA, extended a warm invitation to representatives of the Nepali-speaking community to his government office, where a festive celebration of Tihar ensued.

On the evening following Lakshmi Puja, the Governor’s office hosted representatives from the Nepali-speaking, Nepali-speaking Bhutanese, and Indian Hindu communities. Tilak Niraula, the president of the Bhutanese community in Harrisburg, shared that the Nepali-speaking representatives engaged in the joyous tradition of Deusi Bhailo at the venue provided by the Governor’s office. Furthermore, the girls from the Nepali-speaking community adorned their traditional costumes and performed special Tihar dances.


Governor Sapiro acknowledged the significant role played by the Asian American community, including the Nepali-speaking, Nepali-speaking Bhutanese, and Indian communities, in Pennsylvania. He lauded the cultural diversity brought forth by the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese and Nepali communities, emphasizing its crucial contribution to the development and prosperity of the state.

In a special Tihar program, President Tilak Niraula expressed gratitude to the Governor for declaring October as Hindu Heritage Month. He commended the Governor and his office for orchestrating the Tihar special ceremony, which saw the participation of 50 leaders from the Bhutanese Nepalese community.

The event not only marked a cultural celebration but also served as a platform for fostering understanding and appreciation among diverse communities, showcasing the harmonious tapestry of cultures in Pennsylvania.

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