‘Maha Jatra’: A Grand Nepalese Stage Show Coming to Melbourne and New Zealand in March 2024!

"Maha Jatra" marks the second stage show in Melbourne in a decade

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Melbourne’s esteemed Nepali event company, Solangture, has just unveiled an exciting announcement: “Maha Jatra,” a stage show featuring the legendary Nepalese veteran actors Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha, along with their talented team. This captivating event is scheduled for March 2024 and will also extend its charm to New Zealand.

The revelation was made through a captivating video reel shared on Solangture’s official Facebook page, sparking immense excitement. Notably, “Maha Jatra” marks the second stage show in Melbourne in a decade, following a decade-old success story that etched itself into the annals of Nepalese event history in Melbourne.


Stay tuned, as Solangture has promised to unveil more details in the coming days. These exciting updates will be published in Nepali Sanchar, adding to the anticipation surrounding this remarkable event!

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