Chhath Puja Illuminates Melbourne: Madheshi Community Unites in Vibrant Celebration at ANMC

The success of the celebration was attributed to active community participation, dedicated volunteers, and the generous support of sponsors. MCV expressed gratitude for the event’s triumph, emphasizing the importance of cultural preservation and community unity in Melbourne. This grand success highlighted the multicultural tapestry within the Madheshi community and contributed to Melbourne’s rich cultural mosaic.

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Chhath Puja, a vibrant and significant festival in Hindu culture, was joyously celebrated in Melbourne, Australia. Organized by the Madheshi Community in Victoria (MCV) at the Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC), the event brought together members of the Nepali community to observe and honor the Sun God, Surya.

The festivities included various rituals spanning over several days, such as Nahay Khay, Lohanda and Kharna, Sandhya Arghya, and Usha Arghya. Devotees gathered to offer prayers, perform traditional songs and dances, and share in the cultural significance of the Chhath Puja.

Distinguished guests, including Ms. Kathleen Matthews-Ward (MP for Broadmeadows and Victorian Parliamentary Friends of Nepal), Mr. Chandra Yonzon (Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria), and other community leaders, graced the occasion, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

The celebration was not only a religious observance but also a cultural exchange, promoting unity and understanding among the diverse communities in Melbourne. The event showcased the resilience and commitment of the Nepali diaspora in maintaining their cultural traditions even in a foreign land.

As the Madheshi Community in Victoria expressed gratitude for the successful event, it reflected the vibrant tapestry of multiculturalism in Melbourne and the harmonious coexistence of various communities celebrating their cultural heritage.


The success of the event was attributed to the active participation of community members, the dedication of volunteers, and the support of sponsors and well-wishers. Distinguished guests, including community leaders and representatives, added to the significance of the celebration.

MCV expressed gratitude for the successful culmination of Chhath Puja, underscoring the importance of cultural preservation and community unity. The event not only served as a religious observance but also as a vibrant cultural exchange, fostering understanding and appreciation among diverse communities in Victoria. The grand success of the Chhath Puja celebration highlighted the rich tapestry of multiculturalism within the Madheshi community and contributed to the cultural mosaic of Melbourne.

Press release after Chhath Puja :

On behalf of the Madheshi Community in Victoria (MCV), I thank all of you for making the Chhath-2023 in Melbourne a grand success. I express my profound gratitude and sincere thanks to our distinguished guests (Ms Kathleen Matthews-Ward-MP for Broadmeadows and Victorian Parliamentary Friends of Nepal, Mr Chandra Yonzon-Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria, Mr @Trung Luu-Member for Western Metropolitan Region, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs, Mr Steve McGhie MP for Melton, Iwan Walters MP for Greenvale and other representatives), presidents and community leaders of various organisations for joining us in celebrating the Chhath Puja and Celebrations छठ पूजा Organised by Madheshi Community In Victoria at the premises of Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre ANMC.

We are planning a special appreciation event to recognise all our supporters, volunteers, and sponsors and to celebrate our successes and contributions to the community. However, I can’t stop thanking some important people and organisations who have helped and made this event successful.

We want to thank the entire ANMC team and its members, especially Mr Gandhi P Bhattarai-, Ananta Poudel and Guru Jyu Narayan Prasad Gyawali, for their support and assistance in preparing and executing all the aspects of the Chhath2023 celebration.

Community event like this is always challenging; however, the executive team members and dedicated volunteers (Amit Yadav, Babbu Yadav, Archi Aryan Raut, Nirmala Shah, Namita Shreevastava, Dipendra Chaudhary, Ashok Mahasetha, Rajesh Jaiswal, Sanjay Mandal, Shah Ranjita, Pooja Patel, Randhir Shah, Saumya, Surbhi, Manav, Mohit, Abadhesh Yadav, Ankit Singh, Arbind Shah, Prince Shah, Jagdish Mahato) not only planned and prepared the event so perfectly but also executed everything with so much passion and zeal that I have no other words than saying a big thank you and passing all the credits and success to them, especially to the coordinators (Aryan Raut and Gopal Shah). Similarly, I would like to thank our MC, Mrs Anjali Rauniyar and Mr Dipendra Chaudhary for smoothly running the formal greeting exchange program on the special occasion of Chhtah-2023 so perfectly.

I would like to extend my big thanks to this year’s title sponsor (Australian Insurance Services Alliance – AISA), gold sponsors (Namaste Remittance, Global Select Education and Migration Services, Blooms the Chemist Camberwell), silver sponsors (Danfe Consulting Melbourne – Education & Migration Agent, New Concept Finance, Supra Financial Services, Aarch Real Estate), supporters (build4me, Spice Mix Restaurant, The Great Aussie Consulting, Indreni, Ascon Homes, APB Partners, Aussie Greenmarks), contributors (Buddha Travel and Tours Pty Ltd -Australia, Expert Education & Visa Services Melbourne, Grace International Melbourne- Education & Migration Services, Destiny Finance & Home Loans, MK Realty) and our community supporters (NAV, NRNA-Vic, DBSV, GNA, DMNC, ANPL, CNC, FWNSV, FeNCAA).

A special thank you to our partners for: prasad (Himalayan groceries & spices Group) for providing all the ingredients required to produce “Thekuwa”; photography (Dhiren Photograp Cinematog) for taking beautiful snaps and event decorator (Kathmandu Decor) for making the Chhath festival very attractive for the observers and followers. We highly value and acknowledge the medias (SBS Nepali, Nepali Sanchar, eNepal, CALD Voices ) for covering the Chhath Puja-related news.
My profound gratitude and sincere thanks go to Mrs. Neera Stv and her family for their unconditional dedication, support, and guidance in making this festival a grand success. Similarly, I would like to thank Mrs. Pano Devi Shah, Sarita Devi Sah and other devotees who joined us this year in promoting and celebrating the Chhath in Melbourne.
Finally, without your continued support and active participation, we would have never been able to put on events like this; hence, very special thanks to you all wonderful people for coming together and making the Chhath Puja truly an international festival.

Thank you,

Dr Surendra Rauniyar | President
Madheshi Community in Victoria Inc.

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