It was a father-daughter kiss…..

By Sharad Rai

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Once upon a time in 1990, a famous cine-magazine published a photograph featuring iconic Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his actress daughter #PoojaBhatt kissing (liplock)
Bollywood Reporter/ bollywoodreorter asked Pooja, ” Didn’t you regret doing that controversial cover shoot of the Stardust?” Pooja Bhatt said, “No, because I see it very simple, and I think that unfortunately what happens is, a frozen moment can be interpreted and misinterpreted in any form. I remember, Shah Rukh Khan told me that when you have daughters and when your child is small, how often a child just says, ‘Mummy Papa give me a kiss’. At this age also I am still a 10 pound child for my father. He will always remain that way for me.”
She further added. “So it was a moment that was absolutely innocent which was captured. Whatever its connotations, people may read it as they want, they will see it as they wish I cannot defend it here. If you want to see the relation between a father and a daughter in a different manner then you can speculate anything. And then we talk about family values. What an amazing joke.”
Guys, I think it’s all upto the intention, I still remember that controversial cover, at that time I thought the filmmaker is inspired by the western culture and has done the photo shoot to get publicity and Stardust might have done it to increase their circulation but my impression wasn’t good for that photoshoot.
Sometimes we lose consciousness with excitement and later we regret.
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