Nepal’s men’s volleyball team faced a setback in their opening game at the Asian Games

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Nepal’s hopes for a historic victory in men’s volleyball at the Asian Games were dashed as they lost to Bahrain in four sets, despite winning the first set. The match took place in Hangzhou, China.

Nepal started strong, clinching a thrilling 25-20 win in the first set against Bahrain, who had recently competed in the Asian Championship. However, they couldn’t sustain their performance and lost the next three sets with scores of 25-20, 25-18, and 25-15.

This marked Nepal’s fifth appearance in men’s volleyball at the Asian Games, but they are yet to secure a victory in the tournament. Their defeat diminishes their chances of advancing to the next round, with their next match against the formidable Iran, ranked 11th globally and second in Asia.

Despite the setback, Nepal’s team captain, Man Bahadur Shrestha, expressed pride in the team’s performance and remained optimistic about their upcoming match against Iran, considering their participation in the Asian Games a significant achievement.

In the first set, Nepal overcame an early deficit to secure a 14-12 lead and ultimately win the set. However, they couldn’t maintain their form in the subsequent sets as Bahrain emerged victorious.

Nepal’s coach, Hanna Abing, acknowledged the challenge of maintaining team balance due to the omission of some players due to disciplinary actions. Despite a lack of practice matches before the tournament, the team displayed promise, particularly in the first set.

While the men’s volleyball competition began on Tuesday, the official start of the Asian Games is scheduled for September 23, with Nepal participating in 29 events during the games.


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