10 Major Changes to Australian Visas from 1 July 2023

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Post Covid-19, Australia is still suffering from a skills shortage. The Australian Government has developed a range of strategies to facilitate both extended temporary stay in Australia for international students, whilst also providing opportunities for migrants in key sectors to obtain permanent residence. From July 1 2023, several major changes will come into effect for Australian Visas.

Let’s delve into the changes in detail.


More Visas
With more than 30 000 visas available for Australian migrants this coming year than two years ago, the Australian Government is allocating 70% of places to skilled migrants, providing opportunities for candidates for both employer sponsored and general skilled migration visas.



The following table shows how the programme of 190 000 visas will be delivered.


Visa Stream Visa                      Category 2023-2024                                      Planning Levels
Skill                                                    Employer Sponsored                                             36,825
Skilled Independent                                               30,375
Regional                                                                    32,300
State/Territory Nominated                                   30,400
Business Innovation & Investment                     1,900
Global Talent (independent)                                5,000
Distinguished Talent                                              300
                                                       Skill Total                                                            137,100

Family                                               Partner                                                                       40,500
Parent                                                                         8,500
Child                                                                           3,000
Other Family                                                              500
                                                        Family Total                                                         52,500

Special Eligibility                                                        400
                                                      Total Migration Programme                           190,000

International Students
Part -time working hours limit

From 1 July, Student visa holders will no longer have full time work rights as was permitted ‘during Covid-19’ but will be able to work more than pre-Covid hours with permission available to work up to 48 hours per fortnight.

485 visa – Graduate Work stream

Nomination of occupation now required.
Occupation must be on the Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List in the relevant instrument (currently https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2022C00574 )
Skills assessment in occupation required to have been at least submitted at time of application

485 Visa – Select Degrees

International students in Australia who have completed a degree in Australia in the field of health, teaching, engineering or agriculture may access extended subclass 485 visas from 1 July 2023
Acceptable qualifications must be on the prescribed list. Access the details here
Visa periods will be increased to:
4 years for select Bachelor Degrees
5 years for select Masters degrees
6 years for all Doctoral degrees

485 visa –First time applicants

First time applicant will be granted a visa with an additional period of two years added to the standard visa period

485 visa – Regional studies

Applicants in the Replacement or Post-Study Work streams who studied in regional Australia will be granted an additional two years to their 485 visa (if not already claimed by other eligibility)

India-Australia Agreement
The Economic Co-operation and Trade Agreement between India and Australia will commence with the following benefits:


Indians eligible to apply for Work and Holiday visas

Increased Post Study Work visa periods

Indian students graduating in Australia will be eligible for post study work visas as follows:

upon completion of diploma or trade qualifications, stays of up to 18 months
upon completion of bachelor degree (including honours), stays of up to 2 years
upon completion of masters by research and masters by coursework, stays of up to 3 years
upon completion of doctoral degrees, stays of up to 4 years.
Additional year of stay for high-performing STEM bachelor degree graduates (extended from 2 years to 3 years)


Visa application charges
With effect from 1 July 2023, visa application charges will rise from between 6 and 40 per cent across various visa categories. Examples of some of the new fees are:

Partner visa $8 850
Skilled Independent visa $4 640
Employer Nomination visa $4 640
Temporary Skills Shortage visa $1 445 (stsol) or $3 305 (mltssl)
Skilled Graduate visa $1 895


The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold for 482 and 494 nominations submitted from 1 July 2023 will increase to $70 000.

With increased skilled migration places and easing immigration measures, it is the ideal time to apply for a visa to Australia for skilled professionals and international students. For more detailed information, please visit the International Student and Employer Sponsored sections of our website to download our detailed guides appropriate for your circumstances.

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