Condolences to actress Neeta Dhungana

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Actress Neeta Dhungana has been bereaved by her father. His father Somprasad Dhungana passed away at the age of 80 on Saturday. Neeta informed about the death of her father through a post on social media. Film crews and well-wishers have paid tribute to his father. Nita, who lost her mother’s warm embrace in her childhood, was very close to her father.

Last year, she wished her father’s long life in the video of Father’s Day that she posted on her YouTube channel. May you be able to see your father’s face for years to come.’ However, this year she lost her father 11 days before Kushe Aunsi (Father’s Face Day). Neeta has paid homage to her father by calling her God.


With her father’s support and encouragement, Neeta started acting from a young age, and now she is in Tan-Man Home Production’s film ‘Hraswa Dilg’. A few percent of the shooting of this film has been completed and the rest may start after Dashain. Due to ‘Hraswa Deng’, she has also left some of the films that were offered to her. She has proven herself to be excellent in acting and has also received the ‘National Award’.

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